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Herbal Tradition

Chinese people have been using these herbs as foods and folk remedies for centuries.

Just as Western people would add spices to their food for flavour, there is a strong Chinese tradition of cooking with herbs for medicinal reasons, and using teas as healing tonics.

These products are available to everyone, not just practitioners.

Uses and Value

What For?
This range of herbs can be used for increasing energy, calming digestive issues, balancing immunity, treating sore throats, treating inflammation, sleep issues, as well as a natural sources of vitamins and minerals.

Food vs Medicine
Many of us have a list of products that we buy at the drug store to help us with our common aches and pains. When we make the shift towards understanding that food IS medicine, a whole a new approach opens up.

Each of our Food Grade Herbs can be used as a spice in a meal or in teas, specially formulated to address the issues you want to address.


We love to share our favourite recipes with you!

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