Initial Consultation and acupuncture treatment

(1.5 hours): $150.00

Subsequent acupuncture visits

(90 mins): $130.00
(60 mins): $110.00
(30 mins): $75.00

Children’s consultation and acupuncture treatments:

(30 mins): $65.00

Non-Surgical Facial Restoration

Initial consultation and facial treatment

(1.5 hours): $145.00

Subsequent treatments

(1 hours): $145.00


Tui Na/Acupressure Massage
Gua Sha and Cupping

(1 hour): $105.00

Other services incorporated into various treatments with no additional cost:


an ancient healing method of using heated glass or bamboo cups on various areas of the body to produce relief in chronic pain, skin diseases, and to release toxins from the body.


enhances the effect of the acupuncture treatment by reducing inflammation and flushing the area of metabolic waste to relieve pain and discomfort.