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Chinese Herbal Medicine

Quality Means Purity

Chinese Medicine is founded on the idea that nature has already created the perfect components for healing our bodies. Through study, we can learn how to use and combine these elements into exactly what we need to heal. Eliminating pesticide and herbicide residues from this equation means that you can be confident in the purity and safety of this medicine.

Quality Means Potency

Organic and Premium products often have higher vitamin and mineral potency simply because they are grown in more nutrient rich, composted soil. From there, the harvested herbs are carefully preserved to conserve their potency. When these raw herbs are brewed for immediate consumption, you receive the highest potency possible from each ingredient in your medicine. Patients and practitioners talk about the immediate effects they receive from these herbs.

Making Quality Accessible

We seek out the best quality herbs available and we’re proud to make these premium products accessible to Canadians. Our providers are always expanding their lines of Organic and Premium Grade herbs, and evolving their laboratory testing procedures.

Our Chinese Herbs

Our pharmacy offers an alternative to the processed granules and tinctures often used, and gives you direct access to the ancient traditional method: pure herbs, properly preserved and cultivated.
Your practitioner can now select from 100s of premium grade Chinese herbs to create custom medicines that target each symptom and address the root cause of your health concerns.

Uses and Value

Many of us have a list of products that we buy at the drug store to help us with our common aches and pains. When we make the shift towards understanding that herbs ARE medicine, a whole a new approach opens up.
Chinese herbs can be used for:

    • Increasing energy
    • Calming digestive issues
    • Balancing immunity
    • Treating sore throats
    • Treating inflammation
    • Sleep issues
    • Women’s issues
    • Providing a natural sources of vitamins and minerals
    • As well as treatment for serious diseases and ailments

Empowering Your Practitioner

Our goal is to empower practitioners to be able to provide top quality herbs to their patients. They can purchase our raw herbs from our Wholesale Store if they want to start their own pharmacy, or they can order your specific formula, made especially for you in our Dispensary.

Our Green Earth

Chinese Medicine is founded on the belief that the earth has a bounty for us to harvest and benefit from. We have a strong connection to what the land produces, and therefore to the land itself. By purchasing organic products, you put this belief into practice. Organic farms become viable businesses for farmers, and slowly, we change how we interact with the earth we all depend on.

Medical Grade Herbs

Chinese Medicine Practitioners select from hundreds of herbs to create custom medicines for each patient. Some of these herbs are require the extensive knowledge of the practitioner to be used appropriately, and therefore are classified as Medical Grade.

Chinese people have been using these herbs as foods and folk remedies for centuries. Just as Western people would add spices to their food for flavour, there is a strong Chinese tradition of cooking with herbs for medicinal reasons, and using teas as healing tonics. These Food Grade herbs are available to everyone, not just practitioners.

Each of our Food Grade Herbs can be used as a spice in a meal or in teas, specially formulated to suit the issues you want to address.

Having access to this ancient herbal medicine allows us to target your needs and address each issue.

The use of Chinese herbs requires the extensive knowledge of the practitioner to be used appropriately, and therefore are classified as Medical Grade.

Canadian Distributor of Spring Wind Herbs

Spring Wind Herbs seeks out the best quality of herbs available and we are proud to make these premium products more accessible through Organic Chinese Herbs

Spring Wind purchases herbs in small batches to insure freshness, and certain herbs are also vacuum packed. They obtain samples of each lot before purchase to ensure the quality meets their strict standards. Herbs must be clean, fresh and of good colour and sapor (or taste) to meet their rigorous inspection.

Spring Wind is always expanding its lines of Organic and Premium Grade herbs, and evolving their laboratory testing procedures.