About Kim

Kim Cooper has been actively practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine since she graduated from The International College of Chinese Medicine (Victoria) in 1999. Upon graduation, she spent 10 weeks in Nan Jing, China conducting her internship. She practiced under many Chinese Doctors studying acupuncture in the outpatient clinics and spent time studying in the hospital’s herbal departments of gynecology, dermatology, and cardiovascular diseases.

She returned to Canada to be married and opened a practice in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. She then traveled with her husband to Cranbrook, BC and established a practice for approximately 3 years. She now resides in the Cowichan Valley, and has two wonderful children.

Additional Training

Kim is very actively continuing her professional development having studied with many well known teachers and practitioners of Chinese Medicine over the years.

German Auricular Medicine:

Kim has pursued the study of German Auricular Medicine with the Vital Princtiple Institute http://www.vitalprinciple.ca/. This is the study of Ear Acupuncture (more info here). She continues to advance her training and incorporates the application of laser frequencies for diagnosis and treatment of her patients.

Facial Acupuncture:

She has completed an advanced course of instruction in Facial Acupuncture (see Facials page).


She has traveled to LA to undertake specialized training in the treatment of allergies and is a Level 2 certified practitioner of NAET, a treatment model specifically for treating allergies and sensitivities. https://www.naet-canada.com/

Pain Treatment and Management:

Kim is adept at treating chronic and acute pain and has studied the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders with Matt Callison, a Sports Medicine Acupuncture Specialist. https://www.sportsmedicineacupuncture.com

Chinese Herbal Medicine:

Kim has completed a 2 year Graduate Mentorship Program specializing in Chinese Herbal Medicine at the White Pine Institute in the USA with Sharon Weizenbaum, an expert in gynecology and obstetrics. http://www.whitepineinstitute.org/

Japanese Acupuncture, KMS Style:

Kim has studied with living master, Kiiko Matsumoto and her apprentice. Matsumoto is an Acupuncturist who has developed a gentle, pain free approach using palpations, reflexes, and acupuncture to deeply investigate the root cause of illness. (Learn more about Japanese Acupuncture here http://www.kiikomatsumoto.com/

About Maria

Maria Fries is working on the Diploma of Acupuncture program at Pacific Rim College in Victoria. She is Kim’s Clinic Assistant, and Office Manager for Natural Harmony. She is also the Assistant Manager of Organic Chinese Herbs, the herbal dispensary attached to Natural Harmony.