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About Kim ‘Rayne’ Cooper

Kim ‘Rayne’ Cooper is a Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner  R.TCM.P), licensed to practice acupuncture  and herbal medicine in BC, with the College of Traditional Chinese  Medicine and Acupuncturists of British  Columbia (CTCMA). She has been actively practicing Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) since she graduated from The International College of Chinese Medicine (Victoria) in 1999. Upon graduation, she spent 10 weeks in Nan Jing, China conducting her internship through Nan Jing University. She practiced under many doctors studying acupuncture in the outpatient clinics and spent time studying in the hospital’s herbal departments of gynecology, dermatology, and cardiovascular diseases. On completion of her initial formal training Rayne has maintained a consistent love of learning throughout the years, due to the passion she has for Chinese medicine and all of its facets. From that approach she has taken a lifelong quest to grow her knowledge and skills to better support her patients.

Chinese Herbal Medicine:

Rayne completed a two year intensive post ‘Graduate Mentorship Program’ specializing in Classical Chinese Herbal studies at the White Pine Institute in the USA with Sharon Weizenbaum, an expert in gynecology and obstetrics. Chinese herbal medicine uses a comprehensive approach of diagnostic skills which supports the strength of the body while correcting symptoms by bringing the body back into right relationship with itself. As the Canadian Distributor for Spring Wind Herbs, Rayne has access to and maintains a comprehensive pharmacy of organic raw herbs that can be combined and formulated to offer precise packages to each patient. She consults and supplies other TCM Herbalists across the country, supporting other practitioners with her significant body of knowledge in this area.

Japanese Acupuncture, KMS Style:

Rayne has studied with living master, Kiiko Matsumoto and her apprentice Monika Kobylecka. Her training has taken her to coursing around the Pacific Northwest, and to a dedicated course in Osaka, Japan. Rayne is utilizing the Japanese style of needling which implements a gentle, pain free approach using palpations, reflexes, and acupuncture to deeply investigate the root cause of illness; based on structural imbalances, organ palpation and fascial tension. Rayne’s gentle style is comprehensive, combining in depth palpations (finger pressure) skills. The physical body holds tension in specific places illuminating disease factors that may potentially be missed by a conventional doctor. Moxibustion therapy is also a significant component of this Japanese approach. Moxibustion therapy is known as a therapy which implements the burning of small grain sized processed mugwort on very specific points near the needle insertion sites. Moxibustion is proven to stimulate and regulate the immune response in the patient and reduce inflammation systemically and locally.

(Learn more about Japanese Acupuncture here.)

German Auricular Medicine:

Rayne has pursued advance training of German Auricular Medicine with the Canadian Institute of Auricular Medicine. German Auricular Medicine is the study of Ear Acupuncture, which works under the premise that every part of the body is reflected and connected to a point in the structure of the ear. She incorporates the application of laser frequencies for diagnosis and treatment of her patients, along with ear-specific acupuncture where appropriate. Auricular medicine is organized in a fashion that clarifies the root cause of symptoms by illuminating the focus in the patient that blocks healing. Within this mode of treatment, the three main causes of disease or focus, from most important are: psychological disturbances or soul trauma, dental disturbances and internal or external scars. Understanding these disturbances and removing blockages as they are revelled is another pathway to improved healing.

(Canadian Institute of Auricular Medicine)

Soul Trauma:

A unique treatment system based on the science of Advanced German Auricular Therapy. Soul Trauma therapy is a subset of the above-noted modality, but has its own very beneficial application. This system is specifically geared to help the patient identify the past trauma which is now impacting their ability to live a fulfilled life of joy and balance. Trauma is very widely defined in this circumstance, relating to physical, emotional and psychological impacts that may lie entirely forgotten or masked within the patient. A combination of flower essences and specific acupuncture points on the ear are used to assess and ultimately treat what is discovered in this in-depth diagnostic system.

Pain Treatment and Management:

Rayne is adept at treating chronic and acute pain using motor points and has studied the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders with Matt Callison, a Sports Medicine Acupuncture Specialist. This has specific value in addressing acupuncture through the western scientific lens of when a muscle group is constricted, we needle/treat the groups of muscles working together to keep the muscle tight and out of balance which causes the patient considerable discomfort and pain.


Rayne has undertaken specialized training in the treatment of allergies and is a Level 2 certified practitioner of NAET (Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Techniques), a treatment model specifically for treating allergies and sensitivities. This internationally recognized protocol has been effective in restoring greater flexibility back to people’s lives through allergy treatment.

Facial Acupuncture:

She has completed an advanced course of instruction in Facial Acupuncture. Facial Acupuncture is highly effective in renewing circulation and nerve connection to the muscles and skin of the face, reducing lines and wrinkles, and creating a more vibrant appearance in patient who experience this
treatment. There are supporting elements to this treatment which include acupuncture treatment for the patient’s underlying systemic imblances, herbal masks to address redness or rashes in the face and toning agents applied to the skin of the face. This treatment is so nourishing and beautiful.

Rayne has lived in the Cowichan Valley for 19 years, enjoying her two children and family life. She is active in her community, sharing her beautiful singing voice, fiddling, and musical talents, and supporting other musicians through hosting house concerts and other music sessions. She is dedicated to sustainable living with her expansive garden and love for animals. She has spent her time over the years involved in many outdoor pursuits including horseback riding, hiking, kayaking, mountain biking and skiing. Her most recent love is sea kayaking where she can explore the West coast and its natural wonders. Rayne has a passion for living and experiencing nature, where she feels most nourished and grounded. She is able to bring this groundedness into the clinic where she connects deeply with her patients in assessing and supporting their healing.

I have been treated by Rayne for 13 years. The amount of times i have said to her “you saved my life”, I cannot count. A life coach and therapist should be added to her long list of credentials. Rayne is extremely smart and very intuitive and she is constantly learning. The treatment rooms are warm and peaceful, it’s difficult to leave such a welcoming environment. It’s an absolute privilege to be a patient at Natural Harmony.

~ Denise Allan

About Jenn

Jennifer de Valk graduated from Pacific Rim College’s 3 year intensive Acupuncture Diploma program in 2017 and is a registered member of the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine of BC. She is excited to be practicing in the Cowichan Valley.

Combining the practices of Traditional Chinese Medicine she will be focusing on needles, cupping, moxa, Tui Na, and Gua Sha. In focusing on these modalities, she can work with her clients on many different symptoms ranging from mental/emotional health, digestion, and women’s health to musculoskeletal and sleep issues.

Her priority is to introduce the most suitable and balanced treatment plan for her clients, so that they can live to their full potential. Through strong communication and an empathetic and understanding approach, Jenn is looking forward to being part of your wellness journey.

Notable influences that have affected the way she practices has been working at the Cowichan Women’s Night Shelter – now known as Charlotte’s Place. Working with amazing women and learning from all of the shelter clients was invaluable. As well as running her own retreat for women on Salt Spring Island, offering varying workshops in art, music, writing and self growth. Working with and mentoring under Rayne (Kim) Cooper over the last 8 months has expanded her knowledge and skill set. Opening new avenues of treatments for her patients.

Jenn has lived in the Cowichan Valley with her husband and raised their 3 kids here for over 20 years. She and her husband ran a coffee/chocolate shop in the Shawnigan Lake before returning to school to finish her Diploma in Acupuncture. Along with Acupuncture her joys have been simply her family , going back to school at 38 for Acupuncture and finishing the Escape from Alcatraz triathlon in San in Fransico with her kids and husband there to cheer her on! Determination can take you a long way. She loves her many animals, travelling with her family, and the beautiful outdoors.